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Common Audio Security Provider

Security of IP telephony is a major issue. There are a few security techniques are present which are totally client dependent. SRTP/ZRTP is one of them. This is dependent on client’s protocols. It works finally when protocols at both ends are same. If there is a change at any end, it loses the security. For example there are two clients A and B that are communicating with each other. There is a need of same protocol which is SIP for using ZRTP/SRTP?

Now if a third person C wants to participate with A & B it is allowed to communicate by using any IP telephony protocol. But the cryptography will be only done if C is using the same protocol. A person cannot use ZRTP/SRTP using different protocol.

Therefore, it is need of the hour to develop encryption software that can handle all type of client’s requests. The current situation of SIP communication can be depicted as under. There is an opportunity for secure data transmission across the different clients that are using the technology of IP telephony. The one of solution opportunity is to create a module that sit in the kernel and then perform the duty of encryption and decryption for IP telephony applications that are running of Linux. That module will be inserted at the communicating ends kernel. Module will capture the data packets of IP telephony applications and then encrypt the payload of transmitting packets. Similarly, it will decrypt the payload of receiving packets of IP telephony applications that are running over Linux. The software is equally significant for industrial and academia in a sense that it is fulfilling the currently need of security in IP telephony for Linux. The developing system will proved helpful in IP telephony application enhancement. The course is all about kernel programming and networking related criteria. To the best of our knowledge kernel level programming is not being covered in Forman Christian College University courses. The currently taken project will reveal the different knowledge areas regarding to the IP communication. So, there is chance of learning about the real time transmission delivery.

In below picture there is a kernel module that sits into transport layer and performs encryption and decryption on both nodes of transmission and receiver.

In above picture "A" and "B" are two kernel module that are loaded on transport layer.